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We think our store is pretty amazing, but don’t take our word for it. See what customers and visitors of all ages have said about DFW Reptarium.


  • “I've taken my whole family with me. The staff is always helpful and knowledgeable. The selection of critters is awesome and gorgeous to wander through.”  ~ Jillian B.

  • “Absolutely love this place. It's what I would want to aspire to if I were any other reptile shop. Everything was pristine, caging was perfect, and the animals looked well cared for.” ~ Matt C.

  •  “What a pleasure to visit this unique store! Nice and knowledgeable staff were on hand to take plenty of time to answer questions and show us around. This is a clean facility where the reptiles are well cared for, and of quality breeding stock… Visit DFW Reptarium.” ~ Amy D.


  • NEW! "This place is awesome! Highly recommend! They are super friendly, helpful and nice. They answer any questions you have and are happy doing so." ~Rachel M.

  • NEW! "This place is GREAT! Super neat, friendly and helpful staff. We’ll definitely return for our first snake." ~Victoria J.

  • "Hands down the best employees, selection and customer service in the industry. I've made weekly purchases here and the service is always A+. I would challenge you to find a more knowledgeable group of guys (and girls) in ANY pet store, not just a reptile specific one. The prices on everything is very competitive, this will always be my pet store. The drive from Rockwall is definitely worth it." ​~Will S.

  • “Great stop for buyers, breeders, and sight seers! Fascinating assortment of rare and sought after reptiles. Very clean and professional, well equipped with knowledgeable and dedicated staff. Also a great stop for the family on a rainy day! LOVE DFW REPTARIUM!” ~ Rachel M.

  • “I go here every time I can make it to Dallas, I've bought Tarantulas, Mantids, and a Snake! Top notch enclosures and knowledgeable staff that will deny selling animals to people who they don't think will take care of them! Rare guilt free pet trade shopping experience.” ~Mark F.

  • “We come from 6 hours away for doctor appointments in Ft Worth for my special needs kids. At least once a year we come to DFW Reptarium. (My special needs kids) love to see all the reptiles there.” ~Elizabeth B.

  • “Thanks DFW Reptarium for always providing quality feeders for our African Fat-tailed Gecko Lizzy... Carter always loves exploring the store when we come in. Big shout out to Trey today for listening to all of his facts and stories that Carter had to share and being awesome. If you're looking for knowledgeable guys or girls to help pick a pet or with ideas on care this store is top notch! We have big box chains closer, but don't mind the extra 5-10 min to support small local business who really go above and beyond'.” ~Tyann U.


  • “We love it there. They let us hold an albino hognose snake. There was a bunch of really cool reptiles.” ~ Lauren, Age 8

  • “I like when I saw the poison dart frogs. There was a gecko… The Beast.” ~ Jake, Age 5

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