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May 2023

Amazing service and selection is incredible. Greg, the general manager, is an all-star. It's incredible how much he has changed this shop's evolution!

Giblets n Gravy

April 2023

Great customer service!! The manager, Drew, always is helpful and polite. Clean atmosphere and beautiful habitats for the animals and insects!

Forest Natureman

April 2023

Awesome store, has a bigger selection than the Serpentarium, both in animals and supplies.

Dustin Minnick

May 2023

Awesome spot for supplies but also great for boarding your reptilian friends.

Kristin Graziano

May 2023

Unique shop, educated employees, wide selection, and great prices.

Amber Horton

April 2023

Awesome people, great environment.

Dan Clark

Age 8

We love it here. They let us hold an albino hognose snake. There was a bunch of really cool reptiles.


Google Review

I can't resist browsing the store and checking out all of the critters, especially when our kids are with us. DFW Reptarium has a substantial inventory of necessities that are not easily found at big box pet stores. There's also a gift shop with fun animal related toys and clothing!

Breanna Boss

Google Review

I went with my boyfriend to look at snakes. It was super cool and interesting. There is so many different reptiles to look at. Even if you aren't going to buy anything, its a fun place to stop by.

Riley Alexis

Google Review

Great selection and awesome staff. They have A LOT of products and very open with tons of different species. I'd definitely come here again for my snake needs :)

Sara E

Google Review

I love the staff here, they are always so friendly and helpful. I still make the 30 minute drive from my house to get pinky mice and basking light bulbs simply because I want to continue supporting this establishment.

Karli Peterson

Google Review

Thank you so much to everyone at DFW for - always being so cool/kind & helpful. Your animals are beautiful. An amazing place to go for anyone's new exotic baby!

Crystal Harp

Age 5

I like when I saw the poison dart frogs. There was a gecko....The Beast.


Google Review

This place has anything and everything to create the perfect terrarium for your reptile, snake, frogs, etc. From a desk top one to a full sized room! Even great just to visit and look around for a couple of hours. 

Bob Baker

We think our store is pretty amazing, but don’t take our word for it. See what customers and visitors of all ages have said about DFW Reptarium.


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