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Experience: This mastermind behind DFW Reptarium fell in love with the local wildlife when he moved to Texas at age 10, and it never stopped. He has spent a lifetime perfecting the captive care and husbandry of reptiles. He’s also spent 20+ years as a specialized construction contractor, expertise he applies to building beautiful, custom enclosures for reptiles and amphibians. These mostly self-maintained setups have led to great success breeding Emerald Tree Boas, Sidewinder Rattlesnakes, a plethora of Day Geckos, Leaf-Tail Geckos, and Crested Geckos. He also maintains a large collection of venomous snakes.


Favorite Animal: The Beast, our in-store Tokay Gecko, has been with David for well over a decade. Despite being ornery enough to live up to his name now and again, he is very loved.


Fun Fact: He’s both English and a father of 6 reptile enthusiasts.

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