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Our expert team can work with you using products available in-store to establish a bioactive enclosure for your animals. The natural beauty of this type of enclosure is one of its biggest draws, but there are also very real benefits. Not only do they minimize your need for maintenance, bioactive enclosure improve the quality of living for your animals, including enhanced breeding conditions for many species. When our animals are happy, we are happy.


Animals want to find their perfect homes as much as we do. Lucky for them, our knowledgeable team builds custom enclosures, terrariums, and vivariums with options for lush foliage, natural branch perches, safe hideouts, and more. Whether you need large-scale exhibits built in your home or office, or you just need help assembling the perfect setup in-store, we’re here to build safe and beautiful homes customized to meet your needs of those of your pets.


Because each project is one-of-a-kind, pricing options are tailored to each build.



Come see our latest custom enclosure built for our own Parson’s Chameleon, Marge. You might have seen this gentle giants near our store entrance in recent years. As the world’s largest species of chameleon, she outgrew her space, so we moved her into a new home that fits her enormous stature. Covering an entire wall, we built this 8 ft. wide, 8 ft. tall, and 2.5 ft. deep enclosure to house natural trees and other foliage planted in Bio Dude substrate. This new species-specific home gives her ample room to relax or roam like she would in her native habitat of Madagascar.

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