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Safe and healthy animals are our priority. We carry a large selection of herpetoculture goods and supplies to ensure your reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates have everything they need to grow and thrive. Whether you have a vivarium, terrarium, or other enclosure, we’re here to outfit your animals’ homes. 

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DFW Reptarium is the Preferred Zoo Med Dealer for Reptile Supplies in North Texas

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Misting Solutions

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Reptile Foods and Supplies

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Environmental Control

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Bioactive Supplies

and Substrates

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Enclosures, Racks

and Accessories

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Artificial Rocks and Waterfalls

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Innovative Energy-Efficient Lighting Products

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Reptile and Amphibian Supplies

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Food, Filtration, Heat

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Reptile Foods and Supplies

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Terrarium Supplies

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Terrariums and Accessories

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Reptile Foods and Supplies

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Habitat Products

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Foods, Supplements and More

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