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We’re excited to introduce an extraordinary new option for your DFW Reptarium collection. Get the best of both worlds and be the envy of everyone you know with your own Paludarium by Custom Cages.


Visit the store to see our stunning Caiman Lizard showing off his swimming and diving skills surrounded by a rainbow of fish below, while our Amazon Milkfrog enjoys the comfort of a bromeliad above. This is made possible by the Paludarium’s unique combination of both terrestrial and aquatic elements that create a complete environment for your select animals. It’s like the Surf and Turf of reptile keeping.


Some of our new Paludariums were showcased at Dallas’ Aquashella Aquarium Festival, and they were show-stoppers. These large, top quality enclosures are not only incredibly attractive, they are nearly indestructible, making them a favorite among serious herpers.


We’ll be happy to help you design your setup and pick the perfect collection of plants and animals for your new Paludarium.

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